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A Caleb Knowles Mystery
Author: Carla Damron
Reissue Edition
5.5"x 8.5" Trade Paperback; Retail $14.95US

ISBN 978-1-62268-010-8 print
ISBN 978-1-62268-016-0 e-book
LCCN 2012943386

Introducing Caleb Knowles

KEEPING SILENT (originally published in 2001) is the first mystery featuring social worker Caleb Knowles. In this updated version, we meet Caleb, a clinical social worker, as he tries to prove his brother innocent of murder.


Acclaimed sculptor Sam Knowles, deaf since a teenager, is accused of the murder of his fiancée. When Anne Farrell, who was also deaf, is found lying by the piece of sculpture that was used to kill her, her still hands sign the word "No!" in a silent scream.

Caleb believes his brother is innocent, but Sam, who's battling demons Caleb cannot understand, withdraws into a dark, silent world. He won't defend himself and fights Caleb when he tries to help.

When the seemingly unrelated crisis of one of Caleb's clients turns out to be a crucial link to Anne's murder, Caleb starts down a dangerous path, uncovering secrets Anne was keeping from them all. As Caleb exposes the killer, he must also confront the fine line between guilt and innocence to which no one-including himself—is immune.

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