Author: Mignon F. Ballard
Reprint Edition; Retail $14.95; 216pp
ISBN 978-1-62268-054-2 print
ISBN 978-1-62268-055-9 e-book
LCCN 2013953697


Candles are gleaming, carolers, singing, and Christmas bells are joyfully ringing, but all is not well in Harmony. Residents of the small Georgia town are busily preparing for pageants and parties, and Molly Stonehouse, spending the holidays with her late husband's aunts on Muscadine Hill, is still anguished over the puzzling accidents that killed her husband and his friend Neil Fry months before. As children, both men had promised never to reveal a fearful secret, and now a pattern of threatening events emerge to warn Molly that among the mistletoe and merrymaking, a frightening drama is unfolding.

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